Creative Pockets

Nurture your creativity, dissolve your blocks and breathe life into ideas you care about.

I help people playfully tap into their creative process, so they can get more done and discover the joy, fun and meaning found in trusting their intuition and bringing their ideas to life.

Small Steps. Uncommon Results.   

We live in an epidemic of high expectations and productivity hacks. This informational overload, coupled with the vast potential and possibility to be a creators of both content and our destiny results in more fear, overwhelm, procrastination and creative chaos than ever before.

At Creative Pockets Creativity Coaching we flip the script on the overhyped high performance, optimisation, be your elite self now marketing and instead get right to the heart of what you love about your ideas, why they matter and what’s blocking you.

I won’t tell you what to do. (…As if you’re creative self would would even listen)

Instead we will get the ball rolling on outmaneuvering your blocks and getting work done during the call.

Over a series of sessions you will discover to discern between procrastination and percolation, when to trust your creative detours and how lowering the pressure and taking Small Steps can actually take you further.

About Me

Creative pockets was born out of a life long desire to create freedom and play in as many moments as possible.

My life changed dramatically when I discovered the simple but profoundly effective tools of Kaizen (small steps) and began to cultivate trust as the foundation of my creative process.

I decided to make it my main focus to share what i’d learned.

I now offer coaching and consulting for anyone curious to step outside of the rigmerole of common thinking and hear that there is another way to create the work which matters to them.

Take a Small-Step Now

Tell me what you’re working on and what seems to be getting in your way. Simply articulating where you’re at with a project can help. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with some creative questions and what your next steps might look like.